Who We Are:

Behind Lucky Layla Farms are three families who have united to produce the highest quality cheese and dairy products.

Todd Moore, owner/operator of Lavon Farms, the finest Guernsey and Jersey dairy in North Texas, provides the plant’s rare, high quality milk. At our facility, Gloria Lopez, a cheese-master with two decades of experience, manages the cheese-making process. Edgar Diaz oversees the entire operation utilizing his two decades of experience as a dairy plant owner and operator.


To be the best farmstead and artisan cheese company in Texas and to simultaneously promote pure milk (flavor, color, foamability, A2, etc). To be a vertically integrated company that maintains the highest standards from the farm to the table. Our customers will discover the finest cheese, handmade by artisans using the finest milk in the world.


Within two years, to be recognized as one of the best cheese plants in North America and to give a greater visibility to Latin cheeses made from old-fashioned recipes.

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